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Meet the Owner

Naphtali LeBlanc

Naphtali was born and raised in Orange County, California. Although her parents and relatives are all from Michigan. One of her most favorite and vivid memories of visiting Northern Michigan was taking the drive up north to the Upper Peninsula to visit Mackinaw Island. She never forgot the aroma of homemade fudge and hot waffle cones that filled the air. Her first summer job in California was spent working at an icecream and espresso parlor in the local harbor where she grew up. Her love for the north only grew as time went on and for 18 months she moved to the mountains in Mammoth Lakes, California to experience more of the Up-North lifestyle near the lakes and rivers. Finding a passion for photography and visiting local coffee shops in the mountains; Naphtali developed an even greater love for locally roasted coffee and hikes through the woods.  There were so many spectacular views in Mammoth that captured her eyes and heart including the beautiful mountain scenery, the fresh crisp air and the fragrant smell of the pine trees. So much of the scenery reminded her of Northern Michigan and the time she spent years prior traveling to the Upper Peninsula.

In 2017 Naphtali decided to make the cross country voyage to Northern Michigan to reside closer to her parents and relatives. As a Business major Naphtali always had a passion for wanting to start her own business and having the ability to incorporate all of her favorite concepts of the Up-North lifestyle she decided to open Crooked River Coffee & Cream in Alanson, Michigan.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit with us and fall in love with our menu selection of Signature Crooked River Coffee & Cream espresso beverages, local Michigan-Made icecream, old-fashioned candy and our northern decor gifts.



Our Vision

We hope to inspire you all with our naustolgic vintage retro ambiance. Come take a step back in time, sit back, relax and enjoy a warm cup of Joe or yummy Michigan-Made icecream.

Crooked River Coffee & Cream is located just footsteps away from the Crooked River which is tied into the historic inland water route. The Village of Alanson offers a charming quaint atmosphere and we have strived to bring some of the historic local charm to our storefront.

Visit our site often to see our upcoming promotions, local events and the upcoming Summer, Fall and Winter 2018  Northern Michigan photos taken from local photographers that will be uploaded to our gallery and portfolio. We are excited to share with you all the beautiful Up-North landscapes of the surrounding areas.

We also hope you will visit our blog "Love From a River" which shares writings that are intended to warm your hearts and provide uplifting stories.

For those who are interested in ordering one of our beautiful photos please view our services page to see pricing or contact us directly.


Meet Naphtali & Hailey


Naphtali is the proud owner of Crooked River Coffee & Cream. She is also the proud Mommy of Hailey; her one and only daughter. Hailey has been an inspiring influence to open a storefront featuring yummy sweet treats.

Coffee has been her first choice beverage and she has always found herself visiting local coffee shops here in Michigan as well as back home in California. Coffee and conversation are her favorite blends. As a recent college graduate; Naphtali spent many long nights and weekends typing research papers for school while drinking coffee. Spending quality time with friends and family has always been spent over a good cup of coffee.

Naphtali also has a great passion for the lakes and mountains and loves to take photos and wander around exploring new potential spots to photograph. As long as she has her running shoes, a warm cup of Crooked River blend coffee and her camera she is quite content going on long hikes in search of the perfect picture. Of course Hailey has by far been her favorite subject to take pictures of along with the beautiful changing seasons, mountains, lakes, streams, rivers, and trees. She looks forward to sharing with you all her current and new pictures as well as writings you will find in her blog "Love From a River".

Crooked River Coffee & Cream Team


Hailey is Naphtali's one and only 12 year old daughter. She also loves taking pictures and has taken many that are posted here on the website. Hailey loves to dance, go fishing, cross country ski, snowboard, visit the lakes & rivers and ride horses. You may see her helping Naphtali serve or greet guests during her school summer vacation of 2018. Hailey is excited that her mom is opening a shop in town that serves her favorite dessert "Icecream"!

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